The items I ordered from recently came in today. I thought I’d share with y’all my experience along with some pictures in case you thought about ordering from the site. is a website that sells inexpensive Korean clothing, shoes and accessories. They are based in China. I ordered 9 items. I only received 8 items because they were out of stock on a pair of jeans I wanted. The total for the 8 items came out to be $120.48. The shipping cost came out to be $60.46. Shipping is based on weight and the shipping service you pick. The remaining balance of the total cost of the item they no longer had in stock was put back on my account for future use.

There is no minimum of items you have to buy. I believe Paypal is required to purchase your items. I paid for my order on March 7th. My items were shipped out on March 13th. My order came in on March 15th. Pretty quick in my opinion but I did pay for the fast shipping which was a difference of $5-8 from the standard shipping.

Clothes were shipped through DHL. Never received anything from them before, but  a signature is required upon delivery or a note attached to your door with you name and tracking number on it. DHL called me early today informing me I would be getting my package today. They also left a message on my voice mail with instructions in case I wasn’t going to be home.

I didn’t order any women’s clothing. So unfortunately I cannot tell you the quality of any women’s clothing. I ordered 4 button-up t-shirts and 4 harem pants (love this style of pant). I was very happy with the quality. I have read other reviews regarding the quality and I was a little scared. It’s comparable to Forever 21 clothing. Sizes run small, but they do give you a sizing chart and best believe I was using my measuring tape. Sizes come in Free size, XS,S,M,L, depending the item. I ordered size medium for all my clothing. All the items I received look exactly like the pictures. Please excuse my poor lighting. All items were neatly folded and individually packaged, some even had clothing tags on them.

As I said before they do run small. And when it came to the harem pants I didn’t account for the fact that I actually have an ass (lol) so they do not hang like harem pants should, they more fit like high waist pants because of the extended crotch area. I’ll be giving the pants away. Next time I’ll go a size up and see it that works better.

With cost and shipping I paid roughly $22.62 for each item. To some people that cost isn’t worth the chance or the wait. I wanted to try and get clothes from a place every one and they mama wasn’t shopping at. I like mens clothing but they run big out here. I was able to fit the shirts I received almost perfectly. I like to mix both men and women’s clothing for my desired look.

Sorry for the long post but when I research I like detailed information with pictures!(lol) If you check youtube, google, and tumblr you will also find other reviews about the site.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, hit me up. Just adding this to the tumblr archives in case anyone needs help in the future.

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